Welcome to the web site of KONSEB, an enterprise which:
can solve your problems
* can help you in earning money
* can help you to protect the environment
* sewage water treatment
* sludge handling
* sludge and waste utilization

KONSEB is your partner in all kind of projects, small and big, simple or complex. The more complex project – the bigger is your advantage in working with KONSEB.

Whatever your needs are KONSEB can find a modern and cost-effective solution.
KONSEB´s wide range of technologies, long international experience and continuous improving of technologies gives you a guarantee that your specific problems will be solved in the best way.
During more than 20 years KONSEB has served many municipal authorities and private companies.
All the delivered equipment and plants are specially designed to fulfil customer’s wishes.
All the projects are very carefully analyzed and the most sufficient solution is chosen.

KONSEB works hard to make you satisfied by:
* low investment cost
* trouble less operating
* low energy consumption
* simple and cheap maintenance
* long endurance
* continuous improvement

KONSEB has got licensees and agents in a few countries over the whole world. Other companies with right profile and potential are welcome to discuss how to use this possibility.

KONSEB’s technologies are characterized by simplicity, endurance and energy efficiency.

The main technologies are:
ROBOT 90 – lifts sludge from sedimentation basins
DAB – dewaters or thicken sludge, capacity of 2-500 m3/day
SOFT – Swedish Organic Fertilizer Technology
DABSUS – technology which turns dangerous waste as human defecation into useful fertilizer SwedSun – modern and effective technology for solar drying of food products

In order to solve customers’ complex and individual problems, KONSEB cooperates with many companies.

KONSEB conducts feasibility studies, provides technical know-how, undertakes planning and supplies equipment and systems ranging from a single unit to a complete turn-key plant.