BIOBI – sewage water treatment plants

BIOBI – biological sewage treatment

BIOBI sewage water treatment plants are the technically efficient and cost-effective solutions for flows of 5-1000 m3/day, especially when the inflow or quality of the sewage varies over the day or year. Efficiency is achieved through the use of low-loaded biological bed with controlled recirculation.

BIOBI plants effectively clean both municipal and industrial waste water as well the leakage water from landfills.

BIOBI plants are available in a wide range of sizes to meet your specific requirements. Plants are easily and cheaply enlarged by expending existing beds or adding an extra bed if inflow volume greatly increases or the quality of the sewage water changes.

Effective mechanical cleaning facilitates the biological stage, reduces bed size and cuts energy consumption.

A chemical stage is added if necessary.

Sludge is dewatered in the DAB-system in plants with the capacity over 200 m3/d.

BIOBI plants require smaller buildings and basins which cuts investment costs by 10-30%.